Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Basel II

Some of you might be disappointed that is entry is not about banking regulations but rather my second attendance of the Miami Art Basel. Alas, my cousin Melissa, who I went to Art Basel with last year, could not attend. So it was just me… and Tony, Marzena, Tue and Caroline in a suite at the Fontainebleau. Someone had to represent the family after all.

My trip down to Miami was smooth, and my plane arrived earlier than scheduled – this is probably because I did not fly Delta (AKA Don't Ever Leave The Airport). After checking into the hotel, grabbing a bite to eat and buying some food for the suite, my friend Lesley, who lives in Miami, picked me up, and we went to Bal Harbour to enjoy some coffee. Admittedly, we also enjoyed the sales and both bought matching leather shorts, to unleash our inner Tommy Lee, and cute summer jumpers from Calypso. After a delicious dinner with my shopping buddy, I headed back to the Fontainebleau to find my suitemates.

As I walked into the hotel, I spotted them heading into Arkadia, one the clubs in the hotel. I immediately changed into my most Kardashian-esque outfit and joined them for some fun. Fun was had by all, and I slept like a baby, even though there were three of us in a king-sized bed – the suite was a bit smaller than I would have liked.

The weather was beautiful, and after a breakfast cooked by Marzena, we enjoyed a walk on the beach and made our way over to the Convention Center to see some art. There was a 45-minute wait to get in, so I went to the pool instead. I headed back to the Convention Center later in the afternoon while my suitemates were at a yacht party. By that time, the line was gone, and I got to enjoy the art without the crowds.

When I left the Convention Center, I headed back to the hotel, where I found my neighbors having quite the party. I tried to take a nap but the techno music was making the room vibrate. Fortunately, the phone rang – Lesley to the rescue! She graciously invited me to dinner and to spend the night in her guest room. Since the suite was quite crowded, I packed my bag and off I went to Lesley’s techno music-free abode.

Lesley, her friend Lidya and I enjoyed a tasty dinner and wine. I also got to meet Lesley's adorable dogs, Bruce and Brandon. The next day, thanks to Lidya, I did something that most people probably do not do at Art Basel: I got a Brazilian Keratin hair straightening treatment. Lidya works for the original Marcia Teixeira and was kind enough to give me a treatment. If any of you curly haired girls ever find yourself in South Florida, get to Lidya immediately! I think my hair has already grown an inch. Also, I recommend staying at Chez Lesley – she is the Jewish Martha Stewart. You will be more comfortable there than any five-star hotel.