Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Farewell to Hemingway

For the first time by popular request, here is the very first Pony and Trap blog entry! And no, the request was not from my mother, but rather from my dear friends, Lynsley, Shanta and Tessa.

I thought I should start by explaining the name of the blog. Pony and Trap is Cockney slang for rubbish, nonsense or of poor quality. It is often shortened to just Pony. One could say “I am going for a pony” (going to the toilet) or that something is ‘pony’, meaning no good. So yes, if you want to read my rubbish, please keep visiting Pony and Trap. The name was fitting for a few reasons: I am of British ancestry; I ride horses and ponies; and some of my blog entries may be nonsense. I have a collection of notebooks filled with essays about my travels. But I wanted a new place to store my thoughts. As much as I used to love the Moleskine notebooks that make me feel like Ernest Hemingway, they are just not cutting it anymore; they are simply pony.

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