Thursday, August 26, 2010

Fit me on the Jitney!

Last week was one of those terrible weeks where everything I touched turned to crap… or should I say pony? While airing my woes to my friend Brian, he suggested a change of scenery might be good and invited me to his Hamptons share house for the coming weekend. Four of our other friends would be there, and as Brian pointed out, a bad time with this group would be impossible. We immediately booked a reservation on the Jitney. The great thing about the Jitney, as opposed to train, is that you don’t pay when you make a reservation and a reservation guarantees you a seat. Also, you can cancel the reservation at anytime. And unlike the train, you get served water and snacks.

As the week went on I became more and more excited about going to East Hampton. Maybe getting away would end my funk. The minute I boarded the Jitney on Friday evening, my luck had already changed. Luc, Daisy, Brian and I were able to find seats together and we made it to East Hampton in less than three hours. (Lisanne and Saleen met us there.)

The next two days were fabulous and filled with eating, shopping and the beach. The beach could not have been better – not too hot, not too cold and not too crowded. Kadima was played, naps were taken and the movie Soul Plane was discussed. Shopping was quite fun and I got some great pieces, including a much-needed fur hat. I highly recommend a boutique called Vinita Rosa – and tell Lorraine I sent you. I also recommend Roberta Freymann. She has great tunics, pajamas and quilts.

Saleen was kind enough to drive us around East Hampton the entire time. He provided great tunes – all Tom Petty, all the time, with a special attention paid to disc four of The Live Anthology.

We ate dinner both nights at restaurants that began with the word Blue: Blue Parrot and Blue Sky. At Blue Parrot we saw two of my favorite Johns… Jons, and no, I do not mean the bathroom or my clients. Jon McEnroe and Jon Bon Jovi were having dinner together. I also managed to have coffee at Golden Pear both mornings and lunch from two different Citarellas. Two is a theme. We even managed to crash Lisanne’s computer twice while attempting to download the movie Step Brothers. There was also a lot of debate over whether Casino Royale was it an idiotic movie. I do not believe so.

Btw, clams casino, did Brian mention he wanted to order it? No? Are you sure? Don't worry, I'll ask again later.

The accommodations were fantastic. I slept on a very comfortable air mattress is Brian’s room and discovered that he talks in his sleep in Spanish. I believe he was saying something about clams casino, but I cannot be sure.

Moral of the story: If you are depressed, go to the Hamptons with good friends and listen to Tom Petty.



  2. Only you could say you bought a "much-needed fur hat"!

  3. Traveling is the best when depressed. Sometimes just buying a plane ticket helps.